Become the landlord of a mechanic's room

Do you have a vacant apartment or vacant rooms that you do not want to rent out permanently, but would rather furnish and offer as a fitter's room, fitter's apartment or holiday apartment?

But you don't have much time for all the fuss about renting out the fitter's rooms? Then we are the right contact for you.

The advantages of renting your holiday apartment, mechanic's apartment or monter room through our agency:

  • High booking rates for your accommodation

  • High profitability through maximum capacity utilisation

  • Information and advice in advance of your rental

  • Complete marketing for your installer's room or apartment

  • The complete handling of the offer, booking and payment processes

  • An experienced partner with whom you as a landlord are on the safe side.

Many guests are looking for a well-kept and attractive mechanic accommodation. Especially those travelling on business need a cosy fitter's room or a comfortable fitter's apartment. But also private guests and trade fair visitors like to rent a nice apartment or a nice mechanic's room.

To ensure that the rental of your house, apartment or room runs smoothly and lucratively, you need a guide, marketing know-how and much more.

This is a high expenditure of time in addition to the actual rental of the mechanic's room or holiday flat, which we will gladly take off your hands!

Start the rental of your mechanic rooms with a detailed and personal consultation. We will explain the procedures, provide you with information and are open to all questions concerning the topic "Rental, fitter rooms, fitter apartments, holiday apartments". We are also happy to help you with the furnishing of your accommodation.

Marketing - an important topic for the rental of your fitter's room or flat

After conclusion of the contract, we take professional photos of your fitter's accommodation and create a photo collage from them. Together with a description of the accommodation, we put the photos on our homepage or send them with each offer. In this way the fitters can get a picture of the fitters' rooms. With us there are no "photo examples" but an exclusively serious marketing of your mechanics' rooms.

In order to push the rental business further, we advertise your mechanic's room on many different city and accommodation portals, trade fairs and construction sites. We maintain our contacts with tourist information offices and the large companies in the region to which fitters travel.

Of course we are also represented in the social media, send out regular newsletters and ensure that our homepage has a wide reach through search engine optimization.

The number of our regular customers - companies, fitters, private guests, trade fair visitors - is high. The cultivation of these contacts as well as the acquisition of new guests is another important part of our measures for the rental of fitters' rooms and holiday flats.

There is no better way to market the rental of your fitter's rooms - which also speaks for the loyalty of our landlords.

Sending offers for the fitter's rooms, making bookings, writing invoices, making statements for the tax office, finding registration forms, always being up to date (e.g. with the requirements in the Corona crisis). This is a lot of work for landlords and often gets in the way of a high occupancy rate of the fitter's rooms or holiday flats.

We take over these bureaucratic procedures for you - so you have much more time to let your apartment or fitter's room.

We are not a portal. We're an agency with real, live people. We are a recognized training company. This means for you and the rental of your mechanic rooms: You have one contact person. Every day, as we are there for you, the companies and the fitters seven days a week, except on public holidays.

If you rent your accommodation for a while through us, you will know us and the respective area of responsibility of the employees. Many of our landlords appreciate exactly that: With us, you won't have to wait long for an answer to a question about your fitters' room or about renting out in general.  

By the way: Should the rare case occur that there are problems with the fitters, you can rely on our proven conflict management. We are the contact and advisor for our landlords as well as for companies and fitters before, during and after the end of their stay in a fitters' room or apartment.

Both in the high and low seasons, you will achieve stable and secure rental income when you rent out your fitter's room or fitter's accommodation, which is usually much higher than if the room or apartment is rented out permanently. We observe the market for renting out fitter rooms and holiday apartments closely and react quickly.

All guests - fitters, private guests, companies, fair visitors - pay in advance. Therefore, there is no risk of loss of rent when renting out the fitters' rooms.

As a landlord you are responsible for the service on site.

You will receive the guests and provide for an attractive, well-kept accommodation. This includes the cleaning of the fitters' rooms (weekly for long-term bookings, after departure of the fitters for short bookings). The provision of towels and freshly made beds are also included for our fitter rooms, fitter apartments and holiday homes.

Our apartment agency "Zimmer im Revier" was already founded in 1997 - at that time more than BnB than for fitter rooms. Thanks to careful work, know-how, reliability and a lot of passion, the then one-woman business quickly developed into an agency for fitter's rooms and holiday apartments with over 14 employees today. We are specialists in renting to fitters, but also to private and trade fair guests, whereby we still place great value on personal advice.

This applies to the guests as well as to the landlords of the mechanics' rooms.

Many landlords who offered their holiday flats or their mechanics' rooms through us 20 years ago are still in our rental business today - or the daughter, the son, the nephew... Just like many of our regular guests, who always ask us for accommodation such as a technician's room whenever they need it.

As life goes on, you may need your mechanic's room or your mechanic's apartment yourself in the short or long term: For the daughter who comes back from abroad, for the parents who can't take it anymore. We are fair. That's why you can terminate the contract with us for renting the fitter's room or the flat at any time to the end of the following month.

Do you travel and do not want to accommodate fitters or other guests during this time? Please let us know. We will block the mechanics' rooms unbureaucratically and at no additional cost to you.

If you would like a partner for renting out your apartment or fitter's room, if you are first looking for information about the facilities of a fitter's apartment or if you want to find out more about renting out fitter's rooms or holiday apartments in general, then call us on 02323-13353 or send us an e-mail with your telephone number.

We are looking forward to seeing you!