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Since 1997 the apartment agency “Zimmer im Revier” has been active as an agency for fitter’s rooms and holiday apartments in the Ruhr area. In all the years there were again and again these moments: A customer had accommodated its emplyees over months in one of the Ruhr district cities, in which “Zimmer im Revier” is represented by its exclusive landlords. After months the order is terminated, all work is finished and for the fitters it means back to home and on to the next employment destination. One question was asked again and again: “Aren’t you also in Thuringia?” or Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt or Berlin?

Of course, those who are satisfied with a business partner for a long time are reluctant to change. Since 2018 a change is no longer necessary, because now we also arrange rooms and flats for fitters throughout all of Germany for groups of fitters for longer-term assignments.

We, the apartment agency “Zimmer im Revier”, have been arranging individual accommodation for our customers for 25 years. Suitably for each case of application, with hotel character and homely feeling! Thus our customers feel well also with longer-term employments and start each morning refreshed and well.

At the beginning of the year, we established a forward-looking cooperation with selected hosts outside of NRW. This is particularly in the interest of our regular customers and new major customers, who operate throughout Germany.

Because one of our core competences is to successfully accommodate large groups of fitters over a long period of time! We can offer you adequate landlords, whose accommodations can also be booked for longer-term assignments. As the demand for assembly services from home and abroad is increasing, we are now gradually expanding this trend-setting cooperation.

With us you save time and money, because we relieve you of the tedious search for inexpensive and suitable rooms. Never start from the beginning again with new bookings, always fall back on the accustomed standard. And that all over Germany!

In addition, a part of our team has experience in the field of assembly and knows the distinct needs of fitters – also of different cultures.

Of course, the main purpose is to make fitter’s apartments affordable for professional travellers. But for those who are far away from home for a long time the equipment and comfort of an accommodation is also of great importance. Tell us your special wishes and we will consider them when looking for your next fitter’s accommodation.

We are also in the fortunate position of being able to provide you with multilingual staff. A special extra service! With regard to the deployment of foreign fitters and employees a helpful skill.

Qualified communication in the languages Slovak, Polish, English, French, Spanish and Dutch enables smooth processing of foreign inquieries.